Home Lifestyle And the most popular Peloton classes of the year are…

And the most popular Peloton classes of the year are…


And the most popular Peloton classes of the year are…

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With its seemingly endless library of choices, Peloton is basically the Netflix of workouts. Not only can you reap its benefits from the comfort of your home (though, sadly, not directly from your couch), but no matter what your favorite genre is, with 10,000 different on-demand workouts from certified instructors you’ll never have to repeat a sweat sesh. Like, ever.

In honor of the end of 2018, the cycling app (which recently expanded its influence into running and yoga) just tallied up its most popular rides of the year to see which reigned supreme. The most beloved? A cycling version of the Turkey trot, known as the Turkey Burn, which had a record-breaking 19,000 cyclists test it out.

Spinning in at a hot second is Peloton’s All For One Ride, with 18,488 riders, which initially live-streamed on July 4 to commemorate the incredible growth of the community. But this wasn’t your every-day Peloton ride: For this workout, 11 of Peloton’s instructors came together to teach the 45-minute class, which had a curated playlist (a song by John Mellencamp started it off) and a ton of energy.

“This was the first time that our incredible lineup of instructors created one ride, together,” says Hannah Marie Corbin, a Peloton instructor who was part of the class. “I think our riders loved the opportunity to celebrate the unity in Peloton’s unique community. It’s hard to explain the excitement as I watched the leaderboard explode with greatness—watching the community harness the energy of the riders around them was a powerful thing.”

The class was a high-intensity, heart-pumping sweat sesh that was complete with sprints and energy-fueling sequences that zoomed right by. The good news is that you can still experience this ride whenever you want if you have the Peloton app, taking the party to your bike whenever you want a full-on (sweaty) celebration.

This is why the at-home spinning movement isn’t going anywhere. And these are the spinning safety tips that you need to know. 

December 12, 2018 at 01:15AM

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